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11 October
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Hi there, welcome to my journal. Now, what can I tell you...
You either came here, because you know me - maybe through one of my websites. Then there's probably nothing new I can tell you. Or you stumbled upon this site by accident or because we have some common interests. In that case, it's nice to meet you :)

This journal is semi-locked, which means that personal posts are locked for everyone who might know me in real life or anyone who's not supposed to read them. Anything else, less private, fandom related posts, etc. are free for everyone who's interested.
If you'd like to read the locked posts you can ask to be added here.

I have to warn you - I don't post regularly. I don't request that you comment on every post I make, because we all have lives and there are more important things. In return don't ask me to comment constantly. I am interested in the posts on my friends list, and I do read them when I have the time, but I don't always feel like saying something just to say something. I am a rather quiet type :)

Yes, I do have a lot of friends and communities listed here - I use the friending/watching feature as a sort of bookmark, so I won't lose any journals I am interested in. I don't do "Friends Cuts", generally I only remove journals that have been deleted or abandoned.

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